Probably Europe’s most liberal city and only a stone’s throw away from our headquarter in Dortmund. For us it’s one of our inspirational sources as we also travel a lot to it when it’s not business related. Because Amsterdam was always a world openminded place, You’ll find lot’s of cultures living together on quite a small space. This is one of the reasons why Amsterdam is so colourful. We love to work there, because with it’s beautiful houses alongside the grachts, it’s pictureperfect almost from any angle, anywhere.


Luckily we’re not depending on a proper airport when travelling to Berlin; otherwise we probably would have missed a lot of what this crazy city has to offer. To visit Germany’s #1 melting pot it takes us only 4h by car. The last years we’ve worked a lot in Berlin, as it’s still remaining to be one of the world’s hot spots for urban culture and style. If You are a very individual person, there’s probably no better place to really express yourself .For us it’s simply a city of maximum creativity.


Also one of the cities that never sleeps. But Catalonias capitol has much more to offer than partys, Lionel Messi and Tapas. Because of it’s mild climate 365 days/year and almost every imaginable background, it became one of our major spots to work at. As our experienced partner agency Blackmedia is based right in the heart of the city, it allows us to be very flexible and practical when working in Barcelona or in the beautiful places in the sourrounding countryside.

Cape Town

The pearl of the Western Cape is one of the world’s most favorite spots to produce pictures and films. Almost every car brand produced one commercial in Cape Town and there are many good reasons for that. During the northern hemisphere winter, lots of models and creatives move temporarily to Cape Town, to use the almost everyday good weather and affordable costs to work. The Western Cape is rich in beautiful sceneries, offers almost any imagineable background and because of ist settlers history, You also find many European looking environments.


One of the world’s most liveable and forward thinking cities. Perfect urban sourroundings and a great mix between fancy and underground lifestyle makes Copenhagen so special. Lots of water, bicycles, beautiful people and liberal minds. In our opinion it is the perfect city to produce for companies/brands to underline their sustainable approach.


Is our hometown. Appart from its football team Borussia Dortmund, it’s probably not world known, but has much more to offer than You think. It belongs to the „Ruhr- Area“ (5,1mio people) which was famous for coal mining and steel production, but since a few decades this has changed dramatically. Because creative agencies and art galleries are growing like crazy nowadays, it’s very easy to connect with like- minded people and work on projects together. The prospering underground party and art scene makes Dortmund a secret hotspot. For us it’s an honor to be part of the new Dortmund and being able helping to redefine itself.


Hanseatic coolness and upper class vibe; eventhough Hamburg is Germany’s city with the most millionaires, it’s not just a place for posh people. Since the Beatles had their final breakthrough at the Indra club in Hamburg, also some of the biggest and most creative european advertising companies have their headquarters here. Hamburg is important for us to stay in contact with the creative industry and also pretty demanded by our customers.


Europe’s 3rd biggest and probably most spectacular city is always worth a travel. The royal and historical charme is omnipresent, but goes hand in hand with the modern London. United Kingdoms capitol offers millions of beautiful urban backgrounds and it’s only a 2h drive away from Goodwood, which some of You might know from it’s famous, historical racecourse. The area around Goodwood is rich in typical british landscapes and nail scissors trimed meadows.

Los Angeles

Eventhough only around 1% of the US second biggest cities population is working in the film- and entertainment industry, LA is mainly known for what happens in Hollywood. Unfortunatly we never had the chance to produce for Hollywood so far, but we worked many times at some of the most filmed spots in the city, such as Malibu, Santa Monica, Manhattan- or Venice Beach.


If You only know it for the world famous Oktoberfest, You should probably travel there again. It is one of Germany’s most liveable cities with beautiful architecture and a tremendous amount of amazing art galleries. The river Isar which winds through the bavarian capitol, gives Munich a bit of a mediterranean flair and the tributary „Eisbach“ with it’s steady wave, makes Munich the only surf hotspot with no beach throughout the world.

New York

There is probably no city which apperas more often in songtexts or songnames. We can imagine why, cause we never worked at a more powerful and inspiring city. Lucky us, we need to work there at least once a year. And that for good reason, „The Big Apple“ or simply „The City“ deliveres countless versatile sceneries and people to work with that will make the outcome look amazing.


Not only Jim Morrison was highly attracted by France’s capitol. With more than 16mio. tourists every year, it’s the most visited city in the world and that for good reasons. Paris has a very idividual charme and eventhough it is the most densely populated city in Europe, it never feels packed. Except You’re using the metro sometimes. Many trees, parks, baroque buildings and magnificent roads make Paris so interesting for us to work at. Countless galleries, fashion studios or theaters are the evidence that Paris is a true centre of creativity.

San Francisco

No other city is the home for so many of the most influential tech companies in the world. Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, to name just a few of the biggest. Great ideas seem to grow better in San Francisco and the Bay Area in general. Reasons for that are definitely the proximity to the Silicon Valley and the Stanford University. But it’s also Americas most liberal city . Back in the 60’s and 70’s it was the hotspot for the hippie movement. Today it’s the hotspot for creatives and the city with most gay couples throughout the US. Apart from the unpredictable weather it was always one of our favorite spots to work at. When we did big photoshooting trips through the wild-wild west, San Francisco was either the starting point or the final destination.


Scandinavia’s biggest city is one of our favorites. With its picture perfect 17th-century old town, innovative culinary and fashion scenes and boats gliding on clear blue waters right in the city centre, it already received a big spot in our hearts. Design is a lifestyle that every visitor will feel as soon as he enters Stockholm. For us this city delivers endless backgrounds and moods to produce + we have a great infrastructure which we’ve built during the last years.